Fortunately and thanks to technical advances, the percentage of success in women that fight against cancer is rising. However, after the process, many of them concern about their esthetic and demand to recover their dreamed previous look; we are referring to oncological micropigmentation, that includes techniques as mammary reconstruction, eyebrow repopulation and nipple recreation.

Micropigmentation has evolved in such way nowadays that it is not only capable of improve facial features (emphasize the gaze, define the lips or repopulate and simulate eyebrow hair), but completely create entire mammary areolas in patients whom has gone through surgical interventions and, even to camouflage scars.

For all these reasons, micropigmentation has become a real help for patients that have gone through chemotherapy.

The main concerns of people whom had received chemotherapy, unquestionably, are the hair loss and to perform a posterior normal social life. In this case, as commented previously, micropigmentation has a lot to offer. In fact, it is remarkable how hair-by-hair technique allows recreating astonishing eyebrows, with perfectly natural results; as an example of the infinite possibilities.

What is the procedure?

Oncological micropigmentation is a technique that consists in introducing pigment in the epidermal layer of the skin using a dermographer. Even though each case needs a personal study, because no two people are alike, we can brief the process it in three main steps:

  1.   Personal study of the treatment’s area.
  2.   Simulate the treatment to test the perfect shape and position.
  3.   Proceed to micropigmentation.

The technique has been diffused over the world and many women have resorted to the treatments obtaining successful and satisfying results.


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