Micropigmentation: What is it and what is for

If you are reading this is because you have heart or read about micropigmentation before

But, do you know what is really about? Do you know its possible applications? Do you know what is truly for?

In this post we will go through micropigmentation’s most common questions trying to answer all possible doubts people can have; with the aim to know if micropigmentation is something that could interest you and if is a solution to your needs.

The term itself gives us a clue of what is about… If we look to the word components, we have “micro” and “pigmentation”, so we can guess is about small pigments. But what are these pigments for?

esther poveda micropigmentation



What is micropigmentation for?

To perform semi-permanent makeup.

Yes, thanks to the micropigmentation you will forget about makeup during the treatment duration. It allows to beautify and to correct facial features, especially in the area of the eyebrows, lips and eyelids. But this is not the only application, it also allows to correct imperfections caused by medical treatments or genetic defects.

How micropigmentation treatment is applied?

It is a skin treatment in which pigments are applied in the desired area with a demographer that acts on the epidermal level of the skin.

Due to the type of treatment, some tests must be done beforehand to reveal the characteristics of the client. The area to be treated is analyzed; allergy test is performed among others.

Once everything is checked and correct and we can assure that the client is apt for the treatment, we run a makeup test to select the best colors according to client needs and taste; always giving our professional advise.